It's time, sister friend. Time to step off that off of control diabetic roller coaster, and into a new way of being. Join me for the next eight weeks for Seedlings, a group for any type of diabetic or insulin resistant woman.

Let's prepare the soil of your life for the seeds of THM to sprout and get rooted down deep. During these eight weeks, we will cover the basics of the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating from a diabetic perspective as well as how to plan and prep to make this way of implementable for you and your family. In our last week we take a deep dive into identity and mindset as I prepare you to launch off into the great wide world! You'll be surrounded by a community of amazing women who are on a similar path to you.

By the end of our eight weeks, you won't be a seedling anymore--you'll be a beautiful, blossoming plant who is rooted deep and strong. You'll know how to cultivate the soil of your life to live in full health, and you'll be free from the grip that diabetes has on you.


With the purchase of the Seedlings Diabetic Course you will--for this weekend only--be getting the Seedlings Bridging Bundle!

This includes:

  • four Drive Thru Sue menus with a focus on PB Es and S Helpers (created with you, the insulin resistant or diabetic sister friend in mind in this busy season)
  • a printable with portion sizes and macros to help with eyeballing things rather than having to get out (and clean!) the measuring cups
  • a printable visual guide with photos of common foods and the suggested amounts used to create easy PB Es
  • an amazing Christmas Menu that will please not just your Trim Healthy Self, but also one that your family will also love! These are tried and tested recipes that are real crowd pleasers!

The last three Seedlings Courses have sold out! Be sure to get your spot and all these extra goodies today!

Congratulations on choosing health for yourself! I can't wait to get going!